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Doyle Kennedy relishes evil Vera

She was my rock in a kind of chaotic childhood sometimes, and I also completely understood, especially because my children were little and I would have done anything to make them stay, not grow up. VF: The north star of the story that we were going to tell was that it was a love story between a mother and son, and about that umbilical cord unraveling and eventually potentially severing.

Evil Vera!

What attracted you to the part? VF: It was so apparent that as female characterizations go, this was a head-turner — everything I wanted to see and to explore.

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Norma was error-prone, she was fallible, but I found her so adorable. In three pages, I could see her assertiveness, her strength, her bravery, her sass, but most of all, for me, that indomitable will to persevere. Kerry had presented me with three episodes and I could tell by page three that this was Medea meets Lucille Ball. I wanted to defend the mother and to defend being a woman in this world.

I wanted to portray the vulnerability and the strength as much as possible. And yet Norma is emotional, impulsive, inconsistent, erratic … KE: I call that normal. She comes with deep psychological trauma given her past and her childhood. I think Norma has always been looking for salvation. But what I loved so much about the writing and the trajectory was that there was always a transcendence, and an emergence, and an awareness of the new self. What was the best part of playing Norma?

VF: For me, she was always a lesson in unconditional love. And getting to explore heights of righteousness that this woman possessed, and at the same time the depths of depravity of manipulation and tantrums. KE: The freakouts — I feel people should do that more often.

You release it from your body and you get stronger and you refocus. There was always growth in Norma. She was always changing.

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She grew and got stronger and stronger. And does she really freak out that much? Would you say that about a guy? VF: Right before this came my way I was listening to someone — an acting coach or teacher — talking about how difficult it is for female actors to get in touch with anger without hysteria entering into the equation … That would always resonate, and I would think her anger is her god-given super-weapon. KE : In the early scripts that was a concern — would she be likable, to the extent that people would be on the ride with her?

But then you get Vera fucking Farmiga. We were home-free at that point.

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Vera Morris author Paperback 21 Oct English. Includes delivery to Finland. Check for new and used marketplace copies. Laurel Bowman has started a new life as a teacher on the isolated Suffolk coast while she tries to get over the murder of her sister.

Doyle Kennedy relishes evil Vera

But it seems she cannot escape from death. Laurel is shocked to find that the headmaster's wife has been killed, and all the school staff are suspects. The detective in charge, idiosyncratic DI Frank Diamond, was involved in her sister's case. Together they start to unravel the truth. Soon the murderer strikes again and Laurel must fight, not just for justice, but for her life. Skip Navigation and go to main content Bestsellers Books. Print this page.