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Tip: If the series has an order, add a number or other descriptor in parenthesis after the series title eg. By default, it sorts by the number, or alphabetically if there is no number. If you want to force a particular order, use the character to divide the number and the descriptor. So, " 0 prequel " sorts by 0 under the label "prequel. Series was designed to cover groups of books generally understood as such see Wikipedia: Book series. Like many concepts in the book world, "series" is a somewhat fluid and contested notion.

A good rule of thumb is that series have a conventional name and are intentional creations , on the part of the author or publisher. For now, avoid forcing the issue with mere "lists" of works possessing an arbitrary shared characteristic, such as relating to a particular place. Avoid series that cross authors, unless the authors were or became aware of the series identification eg. Also avoid publisher series, unless the publisher has a true monopoly over the "works" in question.

So, the Dummies guides are a series of works. But the Loeb Classical Library is a series of editions, not of works. Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. I Agree This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and if not signed in for advertising. Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. Samples taken along the banks routinely show high levels of lead, mercury, and other heavy metals. Intense flash floods that seem to be increasingly common during the summer monsoons regularly inundate the plains, washing away shelters and people.

The southern state of Karnataka, for instance, developed a plan recommending increased use of rainwater harvesting structures, wider adoption of drip and sprinkler irrigation in agriculture, tighter restrictions on borewells, and improved sewage management to prevent water bodies and aquifers from being polluted.

Land-scarce Hong Kong sees solution in 'underground urbanism'

But experts say these plans would be incredibly difficult and expensive to implement, and inadequate even if they were realized. India needs to overhaul the way it uses water. The dry parts of the country will have to create jobs in industries other than agriculture, which currently employs nearly half the workforce. Cities will need to build modern networks of water and sewage pipes, treatment facilities, and wetlands, and restrict development and add flood protections along waterways. But one of the most effective ways of dealing with an erratic water supply is to add storage, says Veena Srinivasan, a senior fellow at the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment.

Government working on digital map of underground pipes and cables

That can mean everything from small-scale, private efforts like capturing rain on rooftops to centralized, large-scale dams, canals, and reservoirs. The federal government generally prefers the latter. The most obvious and ambitious example is known as the Indian River Inter-link, a civil engineering project costing more than 5. The idea is that the government could smooth out imbalances across thousands of miles, sloshing water from a flooded area on one side of the country to a drought-gripped region on the other.

In a nation as large and spread-out as India, any broadly workable strategy requires better water management at local levels, Srinivasan says.

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That means capturing and filtering rainwater in tanks; rehabilitating lakes, ponds, and rivers; and using both to recharge aquifers. On a morning in early March, Vishwanath Srikantaiah leads me on a tour around Jakkur Lake, a bowling-pin-shaped body of water in Bangalore. Standing a willowy 6' 4" 1. Along the northeastern shore, he steps off the walking path around the lake and onto a thin trail leading into the surrounding wetland, a bright green thicket of cattails, water hyacinth, and alligator grass. About a hundred yards down the trail, he gestures toward a channel at the edge of the grasses, where a stream of burbling water feeds into the lake.

The growing population has placed enormous strains on that resource both by sucking it up faster than it can be replenished and by polluting the water bodies that recharge it.

15 Fun Things to Do in Odaiba

But the water can be stored and consumed or sent down wells to replenish aquifers. The growing neighborhood had polluted the lake for years. Now wastewater runs through the plant and then down canals into the wetlands for further filtering. By the time it works its way through the thick grasses, some three days later, the water is clean enough to support commercial fishing, irrigate nearby farming, and replenish groundwater tables.

Location : Bayview Avenue. It's tricky to get to an cycling or a car is the best way. By transit, take Subaway line 1 north to Davisville and then bus 28 to the Brickworks. It is a place where time stands still boutique shops, bakeries, indie shops and bistros line the busy street. The Beaches are exactly what you would expect from its name.

Harris Filtration Plant. Traffic is a killer in the summer, so use a bicycle to get around. Buy an ice cream cone and walk the streets stopping in to listen to music or visit the farmers market. The Beaches Jazz festival takes place during the month of July. You heard me correctly, there is a farm in the middle of Toronto.

Located in the East End of downtown Toronto, this is an actual working farm that allows visitors. Its 7. It's a great representation of rural Ontario farming community and a quiet getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Toronto has some excellent bike trails away from the city traffic. You can use the bike share program to cycle around the city, or you can rent some bike.

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There are plenty of cycling tours in Toronto to get you started. We have a comprehensive break down of where to stay in Toronto detailing each Toronto neighbourhood and suggested hotels. You can read it here. Four Seasons Toronto. Located in Yorkville, the Four Seasons Toronto is one of our favourite luxury hotels.

FS Toronto is close to the subway, there's plenty of dining and entertainment options and. Ritz-Carlton Toronto. Located in the heart of the Entertainment District, the Ritz is our other favourite luxury hotel in Toronto. The Ritz has a beautiful spa, some of the best dining in the city and they even have a cheese cave! For adrenaline junkies, this is Toronto's greatest thrill. Walk outside the CN Tower at metres high stories and lean over the edge teetering on the abyss as you take in the entire city of Toronto. If the Edgewalk is too much for you, check out the Glass Floor of the CN Tower and witness what it is like to be suspended in mid-air. Fly along the waterfront and circle around the skyscrapers of this spectacular international city. So be careful when riding! Sure the Beaches and Islands are popular for Kayaking, but Toronto has a beautiful river that offers a quiet alternative.

Blue waters mixed with the white Scarborough Bluffs make a perfect setting and the water is usually calm. Getting out on the water any way you can is an adventure and if kayaking, SUP or Canoeing isn't your thing, head down to the Harbourfront Centre and book a sunset harbour cruise.

Augmented Urban Reality

There are all kinds of cruises planned to show off the Toronto skyline from dinner cruises, daytime cruises and cocktail cruises to special Luau Cruises and holiday events. It's a beautiful way to take in the Toronto Scene and witness the Toronto Islands. Book a cruise in advance.