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Some days, it can all seem overwhelming. I break those tasks into smaller bits and load them onto my to-do lists over the course of a couple of weeks. This takes the pressure off and helps keep me from that frenetic feeling of not knowing what to work on next. Being a mom and running a household, balanced that with all the responsibilities of publishing means that inspiration can be tough to come by. My writing is almost muscle memory to me because I do it at the same time and place each day.

And each day, when I pick up with my book, I fall back into it, relaxing into the story and characters and pulling it all together.

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My primary motivation is keeping my readers happy. That means offering them regular releases of books that are as high-quality as I can make them. That keeps me on my toes. Can you manage five minutes a day?

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A consistent writing routine will help keep you motivated and a page a day of writing means a finished draft in less than a year. Follow her on Twitter where she shares writing links elizabethscraig or at her blog where she offers tips for writers: www. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. That ch is always sounded like k: as, achos, pronounced akos; echeo, ekeo; chir, kit; chylos, kylos.

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Thus, core, courage, and encourage come from cor the NVom.

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Component and postpone come from pono bnd. A slight modification in the form of the derivative arises from the change of a and e of the primitives into i in the compounds and derivatives. Thus, teneo, when it takes con, per, or any other prefix, becomes contineo, pertineo, and the corresponding English derivatives are tenant, continent, and pertinent. From sapio we have sapid, sapient, and insipid, insipience. AC'ID, sour. AC'RID, sharp. Acnop'oLIs, the citadel. I AcRos'TIc, a kind of poem.

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AL'TER, to change. I c gsc. AM'BLE, a gentle trot. AM'ITY, friendship. EN'EMY, a foe; an adversary.

Amm-o, to love. A'm1ABLE, worthy of love. AM'oRovs, inclined to love.. AM'PLE, full; wide. AM'PLY, largely; copiously. AN'GEL, a celestial spirit. I -o a2x 9, to vex. AN'GER, resentment; rage. AN'GRY, provoked; enraged. AN'GLE, a corner. I1nn-us, a year. Iztiqu-uSs, old or ancient. AN'TIC, odd; fanciful. ADAPT', to fit; to adjust. APT, fit; ready. INEPT', trifling; foolish. JIqaua water. Jrbter,, arbitr-i, an umpire or judge.

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