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Failure should not only be accepted, in fact, it should be cherished because it is through failure that we discover our weaknesses—the chinks in our armor. This gives us the chance to improve ourselves and be better than what we are today. When failure strikes, it hurts because failure hits us right smack in the ego.

How to Build Permanent Confidence on the Basketball Court

However, we should not allow the pain to crush as in such a way that we are so scared to try again. The pain from failure is just temporary, but if you let that pain consume you, it would make you stagnant, unable to move forward, unable to improve. Steve Jobs, the man behind the success of iPhone had many failures before he was able to achieve success.

He amassed billions of dollars, but that would not have happened if he gave up when he failed. Thomas Alba Edison had to suffer a lot of failures before he was able to perfect his Incandescent lamp—an invention that changed the world and ushered the modern age.

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To be able to continue through the pain, you need to have a clear vision of your achievable goal. What is important when you fall, is to strive to stand again and fight another battle, and who knows? This time you might win.


Never let the pain of failure crush your spirit. Perseverance is the key. To be the best you must admire and study the best. Not only the best of your generation but all generations. Personally, I feel that at a time when we have so much access to information that we have become paralyzed and never take action. Get off your ass and chase the G.

She is highly creative and intelligent, yet also struggles with her self-confidence.

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Since I also know her family as a spiritual but not religious one, I took the approach of cultivating confidence from a spiritual perspective. Instilling Self-Confidence Spiritually So how do I spark self-confidence at a deeper level in children?

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  • Any adult can foster a stronger type of confidence in their children, but here I want to emphasize that children begin looking outside of themselves for validation grades, acknowledgment from parents and trophies and the process of spiritual self-confidence is helping them go inward. In other words, adults who nurture in children, on a consistent basis, that within them is a power, capability and greatness able to overcome any obstacles are teaching inner confidence.

    It is this power within that from a spiritual perspective is your divinity.

    So I explained this idea to Ava and she immediately brightened up. There is a power in you that can help you succeed no matter what is happening in the outer world. Inner Confidence: Three Tips for Today Nurturing in your children that sense of healthy self-confidence from a spiritual perspective and awareness of their divine nature is conscious child rearing.

    Some ideas to help you on your way are:. Just like a gummy vitamin that we give our children daily, we need to nurture in them the belief that they have power, greatness and capability in them every day. This may be an affirmation, song, prayer, meditation or something unique to your family or culture — the point is it needs to be done consistently and not sporadically for best results. Get Inspired Together.

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    By becoming genuinely inspired by life and seeing that the creative force that made the daffodils come up early and butterflies emerge from their cocoons is the same powerful force inside of us — this sparks self-confidence in kids. So enjoy getting inspired together whether it is musically, going into nature or something else, but remember to reinforce the idea that that same greatness is in you, me and all of us. Give More. More info: www. Throughout his early years, even in high school, Coach Wooden was unsure about the definition of the word 'success'.

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    What did it mean? In , as a 24 year-old high school coach in Dayton, KY, Coach Wooden began writing down his ideas that would lead to his definition of success and more importantly, how to achieve it. To Coach Wooden, it wasn't about the final score, about winning or losing. It was about the hard work and effort that was put forth in the journey to get to the final score. If you did your best in preparation and during the contest, in whatever it was you were doing, both on and off the basketball court, then it was a successful journey, regardless of the outcome.

    Coach Wooden's father, Joshua Hugh Wooden, instilled this thought into his four sons as they were growing up on their farm in Centerton, IN - "Don't worry about being better than somebody else, but never cease trying to be the best you can be.