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Charles Baudelaire

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Le Puits et le pendule

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    Le chat noir et autres nouvelles

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    Edgar Allan Poe by Charles Baudelaire - AbeBooks

    London: Calder, Flottes, P. Frey, Hans-Jost. Souvenirs romantiques. Geninasca, J. Gosselin, M. Written to introduce his American contemporary to the French public, full of boundless enthusiasm and warm emotion, they reveal an acute critical perception of Poe's literary qualities, and a fervent admiration and love for one whom Baudelaire believed to be his spiritual brother. Baudelaire himself had hoped to publish his Poe essays in a limited edition, but his hope failed to materialize.

    His second essay, written in , was translated as the introduction to a British edition of Poe's works published in London in by Chatto and Windus. The translator, H. Curwen, was apparently the first person to make a small portion of Baudelaire's criticism available in English. Curwen's translation has long been out of print and suffers from a few omissions and errors. Since no other effort has been made to translate any of these three essays. This edition, sug-.

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