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Considerable research have been conducted, covering children's knowledge of equity and tendency to distribute resources equitably. This symposium aims to examine the development of fairness in infants and children and as well as factors that influence fairness development. Liaoning Normal University, China; 2.


Qiqihar University, China; 3. Miami University,, United States of America. Disadvantageous inequity aversion and advantageous inequity aversion are two forms of inequity aversion, both of which are passive reactions young children have against unfair results and unjust intentions.

Empathy artificial arousal was accomplished in the experimental group by presenting the virtual playmates' emotion feedback to participants, and all tasks were presented with computer.

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This study aims to investigate the developmental characteristics of children's equity sensitivity and the factors influencing equity sensitivity in resource allocations. The results showed that: 1 Looking time to the unfair distribution was much longer than looking time to the fair distribution; 2 There was an increasingly strong preference for the unfair distribution from ages 2 to 3.

The results showed that looking time to unfair distribution was longer than to the fair distribution for both 2 and 4 resources only in the context in which recipients were present. Xue Zhang 1 , Wen Liu 2 1. Merit is a key principle of fairness: rewards should be distributed according to how much someone contributed to tasks.

Here we provide evidence that three years old children already use merit principle to allocate rewards. Study 1, Reward resource allocation paradigm was used to investigate the development of children's distributive justice behavior in two contexts. The results showed the distributive justice behavior of 3 to 5 years old was increased with age and the situational involvement levels had an significant effect on it. Study 2 explored the relationship between the distributive justice behavior and theory of mind of young children aged 4 to 5 years old, and confirmed that the children who passed Theory of Mind tasks perform much more fairly than the children who did't pass in two context, The theory of mind ability may promote the fair distributive behavior of young children.

Liaoning Normal University,, China; 3. Miami University, United States of America. Children endorse fairness norms related to sharing, but often act in contradiction to those norms when given a chance to share. They are typically not averse to others receiving less than themselves. Here we offer clear evidence of this discrepancy and go on to examine the possible explanations for its diminution with age. Understanding other individuals' actions is a fundamental component of social cognition anticipating other's future actions and appropriately adjusting one's own behavior.

Since representations of the body may facilitate infants' registration of the similarities between self and others, from a developmental perspective, acquiring body representations is important.

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The aim of this symposium is to discuss how body representation occurs in early human development and the neural and psychological mechanisms that underlie this development. The speakers here specialize in body representation development using neurophysiological and behavioral methodologies. This symposium will focus on the role of touch in early social interaction with caregivers.

Emphasis will also be placed upon bringing together these different levels of evidence between infants' brain and behavior in the development of their body representations. The sense of agency requires consistency between motor prediction and actual sensory feedback. How are these components for the self interacting with each other?

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Integration of auditory and tactile information affected by tickling interaction in infancy. Tickling is generally observed as a multimodal interaction between caregivers and infants. To react interactively to multimodal stimuli, infants have to process the stimuli simultaneously and integrate them.

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  8. We investigated infants' neural processing affected by tickling interaction with adults. Next, we used an electroencephalogram EEG to measure the infants' brain activity when they heard the same words. Furthermore, such mechanism of neural resonance seems to be also involved during the observation of another individual's emotions and sensations. In this symposium, 3 studies in "developmental psychology" are presented on the above topic. The second one suggests the effect of "CALPIS" collaboration on child development is observed even in the interaction between disordered children and their stuffs of the institute.

    Megumi Kotani is an employee of Calpis Co. Generally, children with disability have a tendency to acquire "learned helplessness", because they have been held too much and it causes their spontaneous behavior decreased.

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    It is a big issue that they need an early intervention to encourage their spontaneous behavior. Intervention program using snack routine with making CALPIS for avoiding "learned helplessness" was planned for a child with Down syndrome of two years old. Snack routine included 30 constituents of understanding and 12 constituents of expression. The results were as follows. This work was sponsored by Calpis Co.

    While facilitating communications between preschoolers and aged people is not easy, there have been various attempts and enterprises in Japan such as holding events for preschoolers to communicate naturally with the aged in local community.

    This kind of interaction was supposed to form the basis of their familiar relationship. OR The stability of undergraduates' judgments of posthumous function in responses of two questionnaires in a year. This study proposes two hypotheses: first, undergraduates' judgments of posthumous function are not haphazard but are quite stable even though they have never thought about the contents and there is no universal answer; second, there are a few undergraduates who respond positively and consistently about posthumous function.

    In total, Japanese undergraduates responded to the questionnaire twice in a year. OR Colombian adolescents well being. Interventions to prevent or treat psychological problems in adolescents should focus on developing skills that help them cope with life demands and enhance their wellbeing. Theoretical perspectives such as Positive Psychology emphasize the need for intervention research that pays attention to the development of strengths.

    Results from correlation and multiple regression analyses indicated that perceived life satisfaction and wellbeing are positively associated with the positive skills mentioned above. Findings are discussed based on recent research on adolescents' wellbeing and existing interventions to develop positive skills. Soonchunhyang University, Korea, Republic of Korea; 2.

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    Soonchunhyang University, Korea, Republic of Korea. However, if those children are screened early and provided with appropriate and efficient early support programs, then their disabilities can be prevented or lowered.

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    Therefore, the purpose of this research is to develop and apply an educational support program, which is to provide early screening and intervention service for such children and their families. OR Predicting who does well: Adolescent predictors of healthy psychosocial functioning at age The WHO conceptualises health as a complete state of physical, mental and social wellbeing.

    Those who were doing less well at age 25 generally scored poorer on most measures on psychological and social functioning at age Our experiment involved 4 groups: 45 young students, 30 magister students, 30 young professionals, 30 experienced psychologists. Part of authenticity is maturity and responsibility. OR Interventions addressing disability in children at environmental risk in Indonesia: A scoping review. The University of Adelaide, Australia; 2. Harvard Kennedy School, Indonesia. Background: Young children living with disabilities in Indonesia face various environmental risks such as poverty and stigma, which have the potential to impact their development.


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    Method: This scoping review examines the current literature addressing interventions to support these children. Results: Only eight studies met our inclusion criteria, indicating a dearth of research. The extant research reported on a range of approaches including music therapy and a board game, with two studies employing Indigenous Indonesian strategies.

    No interventions took account of environmental risk. Conclusions: This review indicates the need for high quality research to address the needs of the large numbers of children living with disability and who face environmental risks. Programmes need to take account of the relatively underdeveloped mental health workforce as well as other issues related to access to services. College students are people who study in college who generally about 17—23 years old. Based on Erikson's psychosocial theory, there is main developmental task that someone have to face; building intimate interpersonal relationship.

    When he confront it, he's going to think how marriage life he would have.