Lessons I Have Learned From My Mother

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In other words, do not steal.

What’s the best thing you learned from your parents?

If you want one, plant your own. She was probably the sweetest person you ever met. Just try. If you can fix it, then fix it. I love her for these lessons.

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Have faith. Work hard for what you want in life. Tell the truth and be kind to others.

Lessons From Mom

Thanks, Mom! She was a strong woman, whose priority was to dad and the family. Learn lessons from your mistakes. I finally learned the lesson though. Extra underwear for all!

Along with being a Type-A personality, I tend to look ahead toward the future often. What are my goals for the coming year? What are we having for dinner next Wednesday night?

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Where should we vacation this summer? I have often found myself living in the future far more than I have been living in the present. Having kids has presented me with the finite nature of life and opened my eyes to just how quickly it can blow by. You thought you finally had me on a consistent sleep routine?

AND you actually posted about it on Facebook?! Motherhood is an exercise in adaptation … as is life. Early on in my motherhood journey I mistakenly believed that I had my own little corner on the truth and that my way of doing it was the best way, obviously. Well, that might be better for another family.

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  6. I can do hard things. Without a shadow of a doubt, motherhood has taught me that.

    The most valuable lessons are from my Mom

    Sometimes there are not enough words or discipline or bribery in the world to contend with a lack of sleep. My kids can be the biggest jerks on the planet, but turn into little cherubs after a solid afternoon nap. The whole world looks better after a nap. This same principle goes for me. Along with the self-confidence that motherhood has brought me, there has also come the awareness that I do not exist for the purpose of making everyone happy.

    Everyone has flaws and not everyone is going to think the way you do. But these people don't deserve to be written off completely. Conflict can be resolved if it's for someone you value. It is so easy in life to succumb to the level of those trying to hurt you or bring you down.

    What people who like to bring you down hate to see is you standing tall, with your head up, regardless of how difficult it may be.

    click here My mom always told me that people will try to bring out the worst in you, to spark a reaction, or simply inflict pain for no reason whatsoever, but what she taught me is how to handle it. What I have learned from her is that no matter how badly people will treat you, it is entirely up to you, how you treat them back. This is probably one of the most important things I learned over the years from my mom. I grew up watching her get everything she wants by doing it on her own. Whether it means reaching great success or falling flat on your face, my mom taught me to always figure things out for myself.

    You should never rely on another person financially or emotionally. You have to fulfill your life on your own in order to truly be successful.


    I learned that you have to keep yourself on solid ground and rely on nobody but yourself to make it. The definition of hustle was made when the single mom appeared. Every penny has a purpose.