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Three women in South Florida suffered burns in , when a client of the adult Secrets club converted a bottle of Bacardi into a flamethrower during a drinks promotion. Drunk, the client set fire to a menu in order to light the rum that he was drinking in a cup.

The flames spread to a bottle of As usual, Bosch refused to admit guilt, but his chilling defense of the bombing — and the strong evidence that has swirled around his role — leave little doubt of his complicity, even as he lives in Miami as a free man. Jeb Bush and President George W. The evidence points to one conclusion: the Bushes regard terrorism — defined as killing civilians for a political reason — as justified in cases when their interests match those of the terrorists. Moral clarity against terrorism only applies when the Bush side disagrees with the terrorists.

I am therefore not going to answer one thing or the other. Previously, a US judge had ruled that Carriles could not be extradited to Venezuela, on the grounds that he may be tortured here. Caracas, which has strained relations with Washington under leftist President Hugo Chavez, rejected this an attempt by the United States to avoid its request for extradition of Posada, a naturalized Venezuelan and former CIA operative.

Those carrying the signs were to hold a hour vigil outside the mission in honor of "our beloved dead," said Carlos Cremata, whose father was among 73 people killed in a explosion of a Cuban jetliner blamed on terrorism by the island's enemies. Not until now do we see exactly why the government charged him only with the single and timid charge of entering the country without proper papers.

Instead of pursuing justice, the United States government simply scolded the terrorist. J machines guns; one Heckler and Koch grenade launcher; and one silencer.

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We might then assume that this is not a "strategy" of the government but of its opponents, as happened in the other "gates. There is nothing more compromising for the credibility of the "war on terrorism" than the connection between the administration and the Miami terrorists, and that's something the administration's foes know well. Until recently, the government had managed to sweep the Posada affair under a rug, but its inefficiency and disrespect for public opinion have been so blatant that it seems the federal prosecutors were left to their own devices, to sink or swim.

Only that can explain the lack of criticism that met Posada's illegal entry to the United States, his "clandestine" presence in Miami, the manipulation of a hearing where the prosecutor accepted the defense's arguments without a peep, and where the judge was a government employee.

These things can happen with a strong government that enjoys the complicity of powerful groups but not with a lame-duck president like George W. Bush, so I smell a trap in the impunity. Maybe they found out too late, or couldn't prevent the arrest without digging themselves into a deeper hole.

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They might even be able to control the damage. But if they cannot, Bush's "gate" will be memorable. Cuban Americans in Miami are his best stronghold; the day he does not rule them in Miami is the day he does not rule anywhere else. Bishop also joined the project. Marrero, who was tortured at the orders of Posada, considers the decision of the U.

But since Archambeault waived the issue with respect to withholding, the judge may require that the U. Without a finding that Posada is a terrorist or a threat to national security, it will make it much easier for him to win his freedom. Jim DeFede: A victim of the Miami mafia? What But where was the congresswoman's outrage when she came to the defense of Luis Posada Carriles, a man who bragged about masterminding a series of hotel bombings in Havana that killed an Italian tourist?

A man suspected of blowing up a Cuban airliner? Lawyers for Luis Posada Carriles called the request "surprising" because they said if Posada is found to have engaged in terrorism, it would imply the CIA did also. He informed both the attorneys for Posada and for the U. The court was silent. An immigration judge had just ordered a brief as to whether or not an action 43 years ago supported and funded by the U.

And the irony is that it will be to the benefit of U. Posada resurfaced soon after his escape from Venezuela, as Ramon Medina, a chief player in the Iran-Contra affair,a grotesquerie hatched by the CIA and the Reagan-Bush Administration that helped fund itself by facilitating drug sales in the United States.

Stokes asked whether denial of U. Now with the weight of all this history on him, and no doubt tremendous familial pressure, Bush junior must decide what to do with a year-old terrorist who is really the living embodiment of a failed United States policy of decades past. The federal government transported Posada to El Paso, Texas, where he is to have a bond hearing on July We are unable to go into any further detail, but credible information has it that Posada is no longer in El Paso.

Additionally, two separate calls to the detention facility supposedly holding Posada yielded differing information concerning his upcoming bond hearing.


During a call this morning, employees said that the bond hearing set for the 25th will be accomplished electronically, with neither Posada nor his attorney to be present. Bill Conroy, well known to regular readers of Narco News and the Narcosphere, said that he checked with sources on the inside and could not confirm that Posada had been moved. They could move him on a whim, claiming he was under threat or for some national security pretense. But today, with Posada in the United States seeking political asylum after sneaking into the country illegally, the same lawmakers—Lincoln Diaz-Balart, Mario Diaz-Balart and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen—have remained quietly on the sidelines.

They can hold him indefinitely, until he dies, maybe due to bad prison food. Prosecutors said holding Posada in South Florida would present security risks.

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No verdict was entered against Posada Carriles because according to the Venezuelan Penal Code judicial proceedings cannot continue without the presence of the accused. The court issued an arrest warrant against him. Posada needed a job, and Rodriguez had a destination," said Thomas Blanton, director of the National Security Archive, a nonprofit organization at George Washington University that collects and publicizes government documents. Venezuela plans to deliver a formal extradition request for Posada to U.

Chavez accused Bush, whom he mockingly referred to as "Mr Danger," of "sheltering a terrorist. Chavez scoffed at this. You know the truth much more than we do," he said. He was referring to declassified U. The embassy in Washington released a statement saying it would "submit any documentation necessary to seek the extradition. One woman shouted, "Yankees, go home! There's no necessity to wait while lawyers mess around with Homeland's insignificant illegal entry claim or any asylum claim. The case should be promptly submitted to the extradition judge. It seems like the Administration is using these immigration cases, with Posada's cooperation, to try to delay decision on the extradition request in hope of avoiding evidence of CIA's involvement in the bombing from becoming public in a Venezuelan proceeding.

Part of its plan seems to be to make reporters and the public think the US can't extradite until the immigration proceedings are ended and they have some policy preventing extradition. Neither of which is so. A group that had sponsored street demonstrations in was asked to back off, for example, and Spanish-language radio stations on Wednesday appeared intent on building interest in Friday's scheduled assembly of civil societies in Cuba -- rather than fueling outrage over Posada's fate. Rangel called the idea that Posada could be sent to Cuba "an excuse, a subterfuge, that they are using precisely in order to not approve the extradition.

Posada, who has been linked to the bombing of a Cuban jetliner and to a series of bombings at tourist hotels in Havana, was arrested in Miami-Dade on the same day Cuban President Fidel Castro mounted a massive march in Havana to accuse U. And his arrest came just hours after Posada, who has been hiding in the Miami area since he entered the United States illegally in late March, held an invitation-only news conference under tight security at a warehouse near Hialeah.

Yet thousands of Cuban people have died by violent attacks perpetrated on the island by anti-Cuban paramilitary groups that operate freely in Miami. Following Bush's reasoning, allowing Posada into the United States and entertaining an asylum request from a confessed terrorist is an open acknowledgement of complicity in terrorist acts. And Cuban exiles would do well not to start calling Posada Carriles a "freedom fighter.

Or, as Cuba has suggested, Posada should be tried by a competent international tribunal. One FBI report quoted a confidential source as saying that Mr Posada was one of several people who met at least twice at a hotel in Caracas, allegedly to discuss bombing a Cubana airlines plane. The Archive also posted another document that shows that the FBI's attache in Caracas had multiple contacts with one of the Venezuelans who placed the bomb on the plane, and provided him with a visa to the U.

The report noted that a CIA source had overheard Posada prior to the bombing in late September stating that, "We are going to hit a Cuban airliner. But that principle already appears to have been tested and failed. Without doubt, Posada — who reportedly has been hiding in South Florida for six weeks — is getting the benefit of a conscious U. Certainly, the U.

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If she killed Foerster her attorney argues the evidence suggests otherwise , Shakur should be returned to New Jersey to spend her life in prison. By not proclaiming that it will arrest Posada on sight and deport him, the Bush administration caters to those in the Cuban exile community who view him as a freedom fighter — and undermines its leadership of the fight against terrorism. Actually it ties -- the one I think I recall that we got at The New York Times back then had to do with the Cubana shoot-down, where there was that big meeting in Santa Domingo, the DR, and that that was discussed.

I think it has been declassified for some time. But yes, I am aware of what they're referring to. I can only say that the information -- Posada denied blowing up the airliner, but I have never found an intelligence official whether in the F. They're basically two guys who worked for their detective agency after he sort of got in trouble with the Venezuelan government, he started a private eye detective agency, and the two guys who planted the bombs on the plane, who were Venezuelan, worked for Posada and Bosch.

And I have never — and I even did an interview, which is cited in my book, with the former head of Latin American intelligence for us, and he just said to me, he said, look, there were no other suspects.


But Posada and his lawyers will properly point out that eventually over time, over ten years, he won an acquittal here, an acquittal there. Venezuelan justice is very peculiar.

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Same thing with Orlando Bosch. I'm not exactly sure, but Venezuelan justice is very peculiar, labyrinthan, and it was very susceptible to what is called mordidas, and there was a tremendous crusade in Miami to free these guys. But again, he and his lawyers say they did not do it. I have never heard anyone else in the intelligence world who did not think, au contraire, that he did do it. What is interesting in the memos I saw back in was, I remember one where he's informing and sending tips to the C. Fifteen days later, a Cubana Airlines flight with 73 people on board was blown out of the sky off the coast of Barbados in the worst terrorist attack in Cuban history.

Cornick, the F. Cornick, who is now retired.