How to Train your American Cocker Spaniel

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Many pet stores get their puppies from puppy mills that allow random breeding which can produce dogs with health problems. Buying from a responsible breeder ensures that the bloodline of the dog is free from common genetic diseases. You can also adopt a cocker spaniel from a shelter or breed rescue.

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Feed your puppy a high-quality dry puppy food until he is 1 year old. Then switch to an adult version of the food. Leash train your cocker spaniel, and keep him on a leash whenever he is outdoors. This breed is very friendly and a cocker spaniel will follow people if not confined or kept on a leash. To leash-train a puppy, encourage him with treats until he understands that he must follow his master and not pull ahead on the lead.

Reduce the amount of treats and increase praising for good behavior as your dog catches on to the correct behavior. Bathe and brush your cocker spaniel every week or two to remove dirt and mats from the coat. The cocker spaniel's long coat mats and picks up burs easily.

You may have to cut into the mats with small scissors in order to get the brush or comb to remove the hair. Clean your cocker spaniel's ears weekly with a canine ear cleanser and cotton balls. Because the ears of this breed are long and not open to the air, your cocker spaniel can develop ear infections easily. Cleaning the ears helps to remove dirt and oils that can lead to infection.

These ear products are available at pet stores or from your veterinarian. Dip a cotton ball in the ear cleanser and gently wipe the inside surface of the ears. Squeeze the cotton ball to remove excess liquid.

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Avoid dripping liquid into the ear canal. Do not reach deeply into the ear canal with the cotton ball. Remove tear stains under your dogs eyes with a canine anti-stain eye cleaner available at most pet stores.

The cocker spaniel's shallow eyes sockets, as well as long hair on the face, cause tearing that creates the unsightly stains. How to Care for a Cocker Spaniel by J. Thus, it is important to ensure training of these beautiful animals. A variety of training methods are used to train a Cocker Spaniel.

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Some of them are-. It is important for your dog to understand that in your pack, you are the alpha and then all the family members and his is the bottom most position, otherwise he might get a certain behavior issue. You can take your cocker for daily walks and lead the way. This exercise must be executed by all the family members so that he knows his place in the pack. All the family members should take turns to feed him. Cocker Spaniels will hopefully adapt to clicker training very soon.

A clicker is a device that makes a sound of a click. Cockers will learn quickly that a click is a reward. You should appreciate him by clicking when he performs well. Positive Reinforcements are a tried and tested way of training on Cocker Spaniels. They are sensitive and intelligent and to the right amount of rewards, motivation and appreciation is going to make your pet at his best behavior.

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Your dog will need to learn just what the desired responses to your commands are. When training your Cocker Spaniels, certain factors need to be taken care of, such as:.

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