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If so there should be a closet there or space enough to add cubbies or some other similar storage area. If you clearly need more space, consider buying a larger home.

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When designing your own home you should take your lifestyle and habits into consideration. How long do you plan on staying in this home? Or might you need to think of your needs later in life as you reach retirement age and beyond? Think ahead, long term, to see where you will be and what you will need from your home. Light fixtures and outlets should be plentiful.

As should windows.

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Windows should be present in every room and as large as possible. Natural light, when possible, should be the main source of light. Think about adding skylights as well. The addition of a playroom, game room or multipurpose room sounds enticing, but only plan to build a room that will actually get used.

What good is a wasted home gym where the treadmill is used to hold clothes from last season? Often an unused room becomes a dumping ground to place those things that never get used. If you plan on adding a spare room, make sure that it is a room that can transition well from one type to the next.

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A sewing room may never get used, but a sewing room or office that also doubles as a guest room could indeed get used often. This is a very personal decision. Neither were ideal. Placement of the laundry room, or washer and dryer, should be relatively close to the bedrooms. I love an upstairs laundry room but many do not. The bedroom needs to be as far away from the noise and traffic as possible. The master bedroom should not be near or above the garage if members of your family are likely to be coming and going while you are asleep or resting.

For any tile with a white background you should use white grout. Dark grey should only be used if your tiles are very dark, even on floors. A practical choice for floors is silver grey.

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It will be easy to keep and is not too dark. However, if your floor tiles are very light or white in tone I would suggest you ask the tiler to keep the joints between the tiles as tight as possible and use a white or off-white instead instead of grey. You should only go for a contrasting grout if you are trying to highlight the pattern of the tiles. Not all taps are suitable for all basins. This may not always be obvious in the store. Depending on the design of the tap the water might flow out rather than down, meaning if your basin is very shallow or narrow you may find the water splashes out of the sink every time you turn on the tap.

Lighting is critical to the success of any bathroom design. You need the right balance of ambient light for relaxing in the bath, for example, and functional light for putting on makeup or shaving etc.

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The best way to achieve this is to have two separate circuits — one for overhead ceiling lights and the other for the secondary or mood lighting. To check this, you need to find out what the IP rating Ingress Protection of the fitting is. The IP rating is used to describe the light fittings durability against water and steam.

For bath and shower rooms all fittings should have a minimum rating of IP Make sure all joints around baths, shower trays and sinks are sealed with silicone and not grout.

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Silicone is a flexible waterproof material whereas grout is brittle and will crack with any movement increasing the chances of getting a leak. As with grout, carefully consider the colour of the silicone used. I would recommend sticking with white.

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Plan more storage than you think you will need. Browsing through feels like a walk in a beautiful garden. Having this tag, and including your target keyword, improves your chances of ranking higher. If you wish to explain to designers and website owners how the website will benefit from an H1 tag, introduce them to a five-second test. Usually, the easiest way to explain the purpose of the website is by using a descriptive H1 tag above the fold.

Beautiful imagery makes your website look amazing. But you need to be careful with the size of your media files. For a quick scan, you can use Google PageSpeed Insights Test that will tell you exactly what images Google thinks are too large on the page. This test shows that the page can be further optimized by reducing the size of the images by 70 percent.