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Here are a few useful tips to keep in mind:.

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Generic names, like — Melbourne Painting Service, is not only boring but also not easy to remember. But often, choosing a somewhat modified version of related keywords works very well, provided it expresses what your business is about. For example, the name Attensa is quite perfect for the content aggregation tool. The name is a play on the word attention — which is somewhat relatable to the service itself. Other examples include Digg dig , Flickr flicker and Compaq compact. Remember that your business name needs to be appealing to your customers.

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It should sound pleasant, familiar and conjure up positive emotions. It also needs to be easy to pronounce and remember. Avoid choosing a name too similar to other businesses in your industry.

How to decide what business to start

It can mean appearing to be unoriginal, which is not good for your brand image. It can also mean potential customers confuse your business with your competition making it more difficult to get repeat work.

Unless you are an established brand, avoid using your own name. This may even cause problems if you ever want to sell your business in future or even if you wish to expand.

Deciding on a Business

Pick a name that can expand your business. If you sell just books, you might one day sell stationery products or accessories too. If your service is based on a certain area, you might extend to other cities. So, select a broad name that can encompass your future growth.

Check if the name is already registered as a trademark or acquired by another business. A domain name can impact your online visibility and influences your marketing efforts as well. Here are a couple of things that you can do instead-. Indiana law requires that the name of a Corporation, L.

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To determine if a particular name is available, conduct a name availability check. The Check Name Availability search helps the user determine if a business entity's legal name may be available for use. It is only a preliminary search, meaning the name cannot be guaranteed as available until the final processing is completed at the time of filing. You should not rely, in any way, upon this preliminary information.

Sole proprietorship (Self-employed)

If the name is available, you may either file an application to reserve the name for days or file documents to organize the business under that name. Each business entity must continuously maintain a registered agent and a registered office in Indiana.

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An entity's registered agent is responsible for receiving important legal and tax documents on behalf of incorporated companies, including service of process, notice or demand required or permitted by law. ISBDC fosters ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit and bolsters Hoosier businesses by offering expert guidance and access to a comprehensive network of resources — all free of charge. Whether you're considering launching a business or simply want to grow an existing company, schedule a consultation with experts at the ISBDC.

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