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Nicholas are framed by borders inspired by traditional New England quilts. A family holiday favorite since its original publication in , this board book edition is perfect read-aloud for snowy nights. The Polar Express.

The Greatest Childrens Christmas Book

A magical train ride on Christmas Eve takes a boy to the North Pole to receive a special gift from Santa. The Smallest Gift of Christmas. In Peter H.

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Reynolds's whimsical holiday story, young Roland learns that more isn't always better -- and rediscovers the magic of home. Roland can't wait for Christmas Day, and when the morning finally arrives he races downstairs to see what is waiting for him. What he sees stops him in his tracks.

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Could that tiny present really be what he had waited all year for? It has to be the smallest gift he had ever seen! So Roland wishes for something bigger. But he's still convinced there must be a bigger gift somewhere in the universe. Will he know it when he sees it? Peter H.

The Greatest Christmas Books -

Reynolds's spare, free-spirited illustrations and heartwarming text make this be-carefulwhat-you-wish-for story the perfect holiday gift. A true holiday classic literally comes to life in this stunning pop-up edition of a seasonal favorite. With a partridge popping, snow scattering, and lords a-leaping off the page, this lavish book is a gift for readers of all ages. For this special anniversary edition legendary paper engineer Robert Sabuda encloses his own gifts to the reader: extra pages with a pop-up Christmas tree with real lights aglow, and a beautiful pop-up ornament of two turtledoves.

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  7. The ornament is packaged with the book and is perfect for adding a celebratory touch to your tree. This beautiful anniversary package is one to treasure! The Twelve Terrors of Christmas. The Very Hungry Caterpillar's Christmas Join the Very Hungry Caterpillar for some Christmas counting fun in this delightfully festive board book. The pages are filled with Eric Carle's distinctive artwork, from 1 jolly Santa Claus to 10 beautifully wrapped presents. And children will love to spot the Very Hungry Caterpillar making an appearance with every number in this perfect Christmas gift! The Wild Christmas Reindeer - Hardcover.

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    For two decades, readers have loved this classic Christmas story, which was one of the first children's books to hit the New York Times bestseller list. Now, this beautiful 20th anniversary edition, with a foil cover and a heartfelt note from Jan herself, makes a perfect introduction for new fans to this cherished yuletide story. Tree of Cranes Softcover. As a young Japanese boy recovers from a bad chill, his mother busily folds origami paper into delicate silver cranes in preparation for the boy's very first Christmas.

    Twas the Night Before Christmas. Nicholas as a stern, skinny bishop who was as likely to dole out discipline as Christmas presents. But thanks to the anonymous publication of the poem "Account of a Visit from St. Nick was born, transformed into the sleigh-riding, chimney-diving, jolly old elf we now call Santa Claus. Twelve Days of Christmas. Count the twelve days of Christmas as you dance through a magical holiday festival featuring people, costumes, and instruments from all corners of the globe.

    This luxe edition features the musical notation and a history of the cherished song. And for a Christmas surprise, readers can turn over the book's jacket and find a gorgeous poster where they can count all 78 gifts of the twelve days! This classic Christmas song has never been more enchanting or wide-reaching.

    Two Christmas Mice. Will Santamouse know to come to their homes? These two mice seem destined to spend a lonely Christmas until Willamouse hears the sounds of music coming through her wall and gets an inspiring idea that brings holiday cheer to both Christmas revelers. It tells the story of a farmer dreaming of Christmas snow and how he takes care of his animals after the flakes actually begin to fall. He dons a red suit, goes outside and places presents under a tree for his five animals.

    The animals just so happen to be named One, Two, Three, Four and Five, making the book not only entertaining, but also a good lesson in counting. For those who want to stress that Jesus is the reason for the Christmas season, The Tale of Three Trees is a perfect pick. Geared toward the preschool crowd, it tells the touching tale of three trees, each who thinks they know who they want to grow up to be.

    This simply retold classic folktale is a lovely way to focus on the religious aspect of Christmas.

    While the trees make it a particularly festive book for Christmas, its message is one that is relevant all year long and makes a great Baptism or Easter gift as well. It tells the tale of one boy who is whisked away by Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. He travels on a train with other children to the North Pole where he gets to make his Christmas wish.

    The Caldecott-winning book makes a great gift that families will enjoy for years to come. All aboard! Poor Olive. Published in , this one has fast become a favorite of children and parents alike over the years, earning its place on bookshelves next to traditional favorites.

    It begins as Kind Ox welcomes the animals one by one to share his stable on that cold Christmas Eve. Reading it is a great way for the whole family to come together and prepare for Christmas. The little acorn drum that this little mouse beats is anything but insignificant and he is thrust into the spotlight as Baby Jesus likes his music best of all!

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    The illustrations are amazing, they have so much detail I find myself opening this book over and over to just look. Great book, the test is lengthy for toddlers but preschoolers and older will love it. Ho, Ho, Ho, Tucker! While getting into the holiday spirit he burns his nose on a cookie pan. When Santa sees his bright red nose he asks him to come a long for the fun on Christmas Eve. There is a lot of good natured humor that any young child will giggle at , Tucker peeing on a Christmas tree got some good giggles at our house. I doubt this will be a Christmas classic to read on Christmas Eve but it a cute book your kids will enjoy.

    What Is Christmas? While there is a little discussion about Santa, this book really downplays it, so I still thought it best for this list. Santa duck is the duck liaison to Santa and he goes around to find out what all the other ducks want for Christmas. His younger siblings want in on the action too and start telling ducks that they can get them bigger and better gifts in an effort to out Santa Santa Duck.

    Santa Duck explains that bigger and better gifts is not what Christmas is about. Christmas is about giving and sharing with your family. My son who is 6 and I both laughed at the smart alec ducks and while rude and annoying in many ways they were right when they said Santa Duck was hogging all the fun by being the only duck allowed to dress as Santa and be his helper. Cute book! This was one of the few we found yesterday , and what a find!

    I was so excited to share this poem with my son, but was not as excited to share some of the illustrations with him. Some of them freaked me out. The first picture of Santa coming out of the chimney was creepy! The illustrations are mostly done from funky perspectives and are beautiful but not the polished happy mall Santa that you may be expecting.

    You might recognize this Golden Book as well. I loved the ornate illustrations and how jolly this Santa really is. Now I have heard complaints in the past about how Santa is smoking a pipe.

    The 100 Greatest Christmas Books

    I will be reading this Christmas Eve to my two little ones for certain! Merry Christmas, Mouse! Most of the praise should really be on Felicia Bond, the illustrator because the pictures take the cake on this one. After reading it my son and I found four bells, and three trains on our own tree.

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    I reviewed this a few years ago when my son was too little to really get the book or to sit long enough for me to finish but we re read it last night. He thought it was hilarious and by the time he was 5 he had fun repeating some of the great melodic text as we read it.

    The story is one kids and parents can relate to about trying so hard to make the holidays perfect that you forget something important like the tree! Santa Kid by James Patterson is a favorite library book in our house this year. My son inherited his love and curiosity of the inner workings of the North Pole from me and this book feeds that wonder. It also taps into something preschoolers are often seeking, power and a voice that gets heard. I liked this book, and my son did too.