Blood of the Reich

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Hot on his heels is Benjamin Hood, an American academic determined to stop the Nazis in their quest. Unknowingly tied to this epic struggle is Rominy Pickett, a modern-day software publicist who narrowly escapes a car bombing. This action-packed story moves fairly quickly, though early on the modern-day chapters tend to slow down the pace a bit. The narrative feels almost like an Indiana Jones adventure with dastardly Nazi villains, a heroic academic protagonist, and the search for a lost city containing a wealth of ancient secrets.

Blood of the Reich by William Dietrich

As the story progresses and the ties between the narratives become clearer, the novel really kicks into high gear and even manages to brush against the realm of science fiction in an entertaining and satisfying way. The antagonist, SS officer Kurt Raeder, is a genuinely sinister character that manages to transcend the cliche of the typical Nazi bad guy.

Unfortunately, Rominy is not nearly as well crafted a character, and often stretches believability with her actions and naivete. As with most good fiction, Dietrich bases his story on fact.

Blood of the Reich by William Dietrich, Ilyana Kadushin, and Robert Fass - Listen Online

Himmler did indeed send scientific expeditions to Tibet in the s in the hope of uncovering the roots of ancient legends. Dietrich's novel does contain a strong sexual element that seems forced and unnecessary at times. As the book spans decades and deals with bloodlines and combinations of DNA, Dietrich uses this element to further the story and add an important twist toward the end of the book. Despite that, the few sexual scenes may put off some readers. Cody K.

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Blood of the Reich: A Novel Hardcover. By William Dietrich. Published: University of Washington Press - November 1st,